To try out Axiom without any permanent changes or installation, run the official Axiom Docker image like so:

$ podman run --rm -it afl5c/axiom axiom

Replace "podman" with "sudo docker" depending on your system. For more options, see the Docker run reference.


This zip file contains Axiom binaries compiled for various platforms:



On Mac/Linux systems, the recommended way to install is:

$ unzip $ cp axiom.[platform] /usr/local/bin/axiom

For example, on MacOS you would type:

$ unzip $ cp axiom.mac /usr/local/bin/axiom

On Windows the recommended way to install is:

Syntax Highlighters

Axiom source files should have the extension ".axm" in order to be recognized.

Visual Studio Code — Search the extensions panel for "Axiom" and you should find it:

Screenshot of Axiom extension in Visual Studio Code extension panel

Alternatively, you can visit this page in your browser or download the extension for offline installation here.

Vim — Download axiom-vim.tgz and run:

$ tar xf axiom-vim.tgz $ sh

Web — Include axiom.js and put your code in a tag like: <code data-lang="axiom">...</code>

Then somewhere in your Javascript code you can do:


You may also want to include the following CSS:

code { font-size: 10pt; white-space: pre; -moz-tab-size: 4; tab-size: 4; }