This page contains miscellaneous information about myself and other stuff.

How do I install the binaries?

On Mac/Linux systems, the recommended way to install is:

$ unzip [name].zip
$ cp [name].[platform] /usr/local/bin/[name]

On Windows, the recommended way to install is to double-click the zip file, and copy [name].exe to C:\windows\

What are some other great websites besides this one?

These are some recommended sites and the personal websites of some much more famous people:

I thought you were a web developer. Why is your personal website so crappy?

As you can see from the previous section, the more legit you are as a programmer, the crappier your personal home page is.

Do you have a github?

I do, but I hardly ever use it. It just contains:

I need a Raspberry Pi pinout diagram, but the official diagram is in color and my printer only prints in black-and-white. What do I do?

Lucky for you, I have re-created the Raspberry Pi pinout diagram in glorious black-and-white for the purposes of printing:

Download it here: HTML | PDF

I need advice on important decisions I am about to make. Can you help me?

I have created an app just for that. Please visit the following link on your mobile phone, then select "Add to Home Screen":

Magic 8-Ball