File Server

File Server is a static file web server, similar to Apache, Nginx, and Mongoose. It aims to be smaller, more performant, and easier to use than the other servers. It also includes functionality for minifying/inlining/pretty-printing several web formats.

Click here to download the zip file containing binaries for the following platforms:

Example 1: Serve current folder on port 8000

fs 8000

Then visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

Example 2: Require login with username "aaron" with password "iscool"

fs 8000 -a "aaron:iscool"

Example 3: Disable uploads, and disable autoindexing if "index.html" is present

fs 8000 -d / -i index.html


	fs [port] -a [username:password] -d [downloads] -i [index] -local
	-[port] is the port
	-if -a is set, [username:password] are the credentials for basic authentication
	-if -d is set, [downloads] is a path prefix that allows downloads but no uploads
	-if -i is set, [index] is a filename which masks the autoindex
	-if -local is set, server only listens locally rather than on all ports
	fs ip => print local IPv4 addresses
	fs minify [css|js|json] => minify a .css or .js file
	fs inline [html] => inline a .html file that contains external css or js
	fs render [html] => render a .html file that contains server-side includes
	fs pretty [json] => pretty-print a .json file

What features does this server support?

How is this better than Apache/Nginx/Mongoose?